About Country Kettle Jams

Byler family

Our business is family-owned and operated, using our own tried-and-true recipes. It is our pleasure to serve our customers with what we value highly: quality, service, integrity, and honesty. As a family we also offer catering and raise pasture-fed beef to sell.

Our customers say,

We grocery shop at Valesky’s in Meadville and since the display of your labors is just inside the entrance I made a purchase some time ago. Since that first jar I have tried many of the different flavors of your jams and jellies. To say that we enjoy each [flavor] would be an understatement. I am diabetic and thus mine is spread pretty thin on my bread, but my husband is not so afflicted and he puts his on really thick. Thank you for your efforts to make life more pleasant for others. – Donna

[My sister] gave me one jar when I was visiting home in PA around a month ago. It’s the best apple butter I’ve ever had–very close to my mom’s. Thank you so much for your care and attention in making this most amazing apple butter! – Connie

I have tried your blackberry jelly. It is delicious. I also like it because it is seedless. I’m 84 years old and I can’t eat things with seeds. – Helen